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Criminal Injury

Helping People Who Have Been Injured

If you or a loved one falls victim to a violent crime or assault, it can be devastating. Whether you’ve been physically injured or suffered psychological trauma, you could be entitled to make a criminal injury claim.

In the UK there is a Government funded body called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) that has been set up specifically to administer a compensation scheme for blameless victims of crime. We offer you assistance in proceeding with a Criminal Injury Compensation Claim.


If you have been injured:

  • The victim of a violent crime or assault
  • Psychologically damaged by witnessing a loved one become a victim of a violent crime or the aftermath
  • Injured while taking reasonable steps to prevent a crime

The amount of compensation that can be awarded is set out in the official CICA guidelines, which states the tariffs in relation to the different injuries. However, the scheme will only pay out if your injuries exceed the £1,000 minimum tariff. Call us today and find out if we can help you  make a claim.


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